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Karmic clearance / Puppy nod

Calm the F down!

Sunday +25C 12.24

Continuing the search the the inner peace and satisFactory. Maybe being hyped on a coffee is not that good as I could think, though my face is pretty, I have small list of things to do. If I had a dollar every time I get distracted, I would like to get some ice-cream. Searching for a room really brings me down and I am still waiting for my success wave, looking carefully that I wouldn't miss it. 
I don't know if you ever saw those small dog sculptures most of the time English bulldogs, where the puppy's head is attached to body with a flexible spiral and when the sculpture is moved by something puppy starts nodding or shaking it's head. It is hard to describe that feeling in some kind of words, thought it is pretty clear that this feeling doesn't bring anything good. Dependance doesn't bring anything good. Dependance on earthquakes or on road bumps. I am striving hard to rip those indecisive pieces of my body and leave them rot some where in the junk yard. 
I couldn't call Sunday's mood terrible, it's just imperfect, but hey, anything is perfect. If you have a room for me to crash from September to December I'll take it, now it even doesn't really matter where. Maybe matters a bit. Or just as much as my head being moved by some source of power. Puppy nod. 

Hank Schmidt

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