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B Aggressive B B Aggressive: Kenneth Cockwhore Mixtape

Yesterday's night left me bruised. I left other people bruised. Seems to be a fair trade situation or even so unfair that you can not do anything about it. Building my small smart plan very thoroughly. Here I have unfinished book of Haruki Murakami. Tonight The Wind-up Bird will be released for a night flight. Tomorrow, my searches will expand more. My aim is to distillate my mind, to distillate my emotions, to separate doubts and certitudes, to separate actions and distractions.
Yesterday's night was wonderful and I thank everybody connected to that night for it. Bruises at this point brings deliberate certainty about goals and aims. Certainty to act. This late evening I am listening Copenhagen based artist Kenneth Cockwhore mixtape called Afterhours Mixtape with it's sneaky, dark corners where tonight's nightmares are hiding. Deep and ease. Strip and tease. Finishing Haruki Murakami book, setting down the list of invisible goal groceries for tomorrow and going into sleep maze to get those nightmares out and leave 'em bruised up as well.

I am not giving up.

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