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There there

Sun is up until 9 p.m. 

Already up at 7a.m. 

It is always fine to wake up and put a smile on first. The habit to tell everyone when happiness strikes is getting one in a trouble. Nobody wants to listen about other people happiness.

Wondering if people spend the same amount of time thinking of me as I spend thinking about them. Well, not everything is even. And that is O.K. by me.

There been loads of unfair things. Actually, all of them are fair, just they mismatch the measurement scale in our heads. That's why thoughts always mess up with reality. Reality never mess up with thoughts. Just thoughts with reality. It is like watching crimes on TV. After that you start thinking that your neighbor is a serial killer. But worse case scenario he is just some loner smoking pot in his bathroom, hiding from beloved, crazy wife. That's all. I like thinking about people. My reality is always messed up. My reality is always pimped up.

It's unhealthy. Or the other way.

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