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Challenging myself to learn to cook Indian food. 

Came back to the old saying "No challenge - no progress" and thought that I always preferred my comfort zone with no challenges, no risk or just low risk. Wasn't worth it. Nothing extremely special happened. Just those moments where I said YES to the small challenges, just then I actually felt something. 

Then I found things, then I took a chance. Of course to learn cook foreign cuisine is nothing special, but there are more challenges that I've never accepted. Nude picture with a helmet. Will be done. Moving out of Herning. This has to be done as soon as possible. Finding a job that I would like. Graduating with a good grade.What else? Ukulele! Well, this might be kinda hard, because I already gave up on it. Get out of a continent.

Keep the quality raising not stagnating. Keep the challenges coming.  

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