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Whole Grain Lose Brain

Cornflakes and yoghurt with Einstein. 

Champagne instead of real pain. 

Valuable intellectual gain. Whimsical, giant crush on a spring. 

At the same time insane.

Whole grain bread and vein. Vein filled with rain.

Friend on a plane. Tomorrow. I already feel left alone. 

My lose brain that I draw on the paper. That I draw on intentionmodelofopportunityperception. Like a ball of yarn, like a small target. Listening the same song for a millionth time. I could listen even more. The reason why is not that a song is beautiful. Listening one melody keeps your thoughts flowing the same rhythm the same direction. Listening keeps you thinking. Just few more lines to write. I'll be alright. I was laughing today in the morning. I wish to laugh with that slightly blushed face everyday. Listening one melody makes you dream more. Listening to the same heart beat makes you insane. In the room, where sound is isolated 99,99%, person can survive up to 45 minutes. Then one gets insane of the same rhythm. Same ticking blood and muscle bomb. Same pace. Same space. 
Traveling in a circle. A big need to draw a circle. Over the brain. Over the intentionmodelofopportunityperception.
 Over you. 
And make it magic, that nobody, who wants to harm you, would ever step there.

Whole grain bread and something dead. Sandwich with a ham. 

Sound of the day. To keep the same pace in different space.

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