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Not Good Enough

it is quite a story when it comes to reminding yourself why. even nine whys can't sometimes trace back what was that was. 
and it is still easier to think of it as good enough. 

the label that would be without additives, no preservatives, no parabens or pharmaceutics just doesn't stick on all those experiences.
and when they are almost worn off - the skin just gets thicker and stamps everything with a simple 
"Not Good Enough"

some know how to rip those ambiguous labels quite fast. 
actually takes care of them and tries to nourish them unconsciously. at the same time putting themselves in these devastating situations close to such as hair loss or inconvenient rashes. 

i know it sounds simple enough. but it is quite hard to weight good | not good enough on a simple human scale. and what if you can't find an excuse to call it not good enough even though you drained the bottle years ago. 

does the label have an expiration date or just an experience?
sometimes i think that finding answers would make me even more puzzled
and it's all to the memory 

Stephen Wiltshire draws Manhattan skyline from memory

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