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statements back

"After careful calculations I've decided that percentage of the days when I am a mess is more than and average human being." 

But actually this is not true. As a statistic living person I like garlic as much as anyone else, sometimes I wear my woolen socks with summer shoes, though just inside, I drink a healthy amount of water and brush my teeth. I vacuum when it is necessary and I can concentrate on reading for 45 minutes. Buy flowers for myself and read out-loud for myself. I buy pack of chips and eat half of it on my way back home. I like watching people passing by and think how do they tie their shoe laces, I have somekinda schedule for the week but I really like to postpone things for a little but more. I check my social networks to see if someone gave a lousy appreciation like or a heart, or anything. Not like it matters a lot, but it becomes just one of those habits like social smoking or saying "mmm" when you eat a delicious meal. 

As a statistic person I am no much more special than no one else. And I am not weirder, or a bigger mess, or a genius, or a talent. And neither is anyone else. My belief in measurement scale of those things just evaporated and became non-existent. It is empowering to think that you are something more than others, but in the same time you could just believe that an onion is sweeter than sugar and you could be right, somebody had to make some sort of measure of sweetness. Llama with a turbano could be as good house pet as a pug, and to be honest way cuter, however it is how it is. 

And all I have to do is to take my statement of being a mess back. I am not. Just a little portion as well as anyone else. I suppose. 

I might take this one back as well, but not yet. 

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