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Awesome wave to Saturday's Britain

Hey Britain, I was thinking about you for quite a while. Tracking the force of a dull rain, counting your pavement tiles and touching skin of bottomless chests filled with husky accent.

I'm not a story teller. Not yet. It will take some time to put right words together and I can do that just if nobody is watching. I sleep like a rock, once I put my head on a pillow, think what have I done wrong and why I do not fix it, then fall asleep with deep deep dreams and dream that somebody sets oneself on fire. And it happens and happens again. And then I swim into the widths of lakes, naked and light tickles me from bellow.

Today is Saturday. Awesome wave of ∆ (Alt-J) is flowing through my headphones and bringing it's British indie rock to settle in my head. This quartet and their Awesome wave album, which was released last May had been announced the 7th best album of year 2012 in Guardian together with The XX and Tame Impala, other two bands that keep me going where I'm going. And it is not Downhill anymore.

Have a nice day my lovely Saturday birds. Fly, flow, continue being, happy or not just hang in there. It'll come. And dear Britain, I'll come to you. Maybe on some Saturday next month. 

Therefore remembering that I am still in Denmark and it is not that bad.
Kys og knus,

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