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Hey, keep keep

Hey! Keep doing.

Because they do... They always try to be strong, to carry the burden, to try and try, and try again. To build and not to worry too much if it is being destroyed. Just... build it again. And they succeed, the same as little ants rebuild their anthill, the same as disabled person starts running again. Less regrets, more actual actions. Less waste of time and more inner strength. More will to learn and more will to adapt to the situation, more power to leave what was not worthy and more strength to start what might be the necessary.

I ask myself who are "they". "They" are people who have been around me. Some of them for whole 22 years, some of them just for couple of years or months. Some of them will be for few more, some of them are already gone. Anyhow, all of them taught me something - carry on.

Say "No", when it is necessary, relax when hard times are stressing. Read fairy tales even though nobody is listening. Live as you were in a fairy tale, even though you are not. Laugh from the things that are not funny, and do not get angry if someone is laughing at you. It will make you even funnier. Support and stand for the most beloved just to make them feel that they suppose to love themselves. Sacrifice small things for bigger and do not regret it. Find a goal and more important - keep the goal. Keep trying if you find it worth it. Stop trying if it is for the better. Think less and act more. Some of them taught me to forget the bad and work for the better. Some of them taught me not to complain. Some taught me to be aware. Some of them taught me that no matter what lesson others try to teach you, it's your turn to learn and your turn to make mistakes.

And I am doing that. Not even promising to do. I am doing. With small aches and blisters that I get on my way to my goals. I am still doing.

We are makers and we will be, unless you are smaller than an ant. 

With huge love and a huge to-do list,


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