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Roger phenomena

It's not a Thursday, not even close. Not three or four weeks ago when I was supposed to write a blog in here. It's not a time when I have the most time. It's not the time when time doesn't matter. It is now. It is a moment when things fall in places and all the jigsaw puzzles are finally complete.

All that mixture between time periods, between places, events, exams, tasks, goals of life, thoughts and people is testing us. Everyone of us have felt that feeling when you go somewhere to take something and you don't remember what was the thing you were going for. Then you have to come back to the place where you've been before and think once again. Or even more annoying feeling, when you wake up after a nap and you don't understand if it's a morning or an evening. Or the situation when you meet a person and you recognize that face, know the voice, you know that person, but... you can't remember his name.

This situation I call Roger phenomena. Why Roger? Because every time I get into the position like that only one name I can think is Roger. Roger, Roger, Roger. I don't know any guy called Roger. Any. So what's the possibility if I call this one Roger he would say "Yes"? 0% and 0% is not a comforting digit.

I've discussed this situation with my flatmate and she said that it happens to her too. Might be the reason when you check walky-talky and you finish your sentence you say "Roger". Might be because meeting that person is just finishing sentence. "Roger". It means finishing. Ending up. Roger.

However, it is way easier to find out the name if you call somebody different a by name. And funnier at the point. All you need is just to put yourself together and roger that person.

Big chance that you would never meet that person again. So what's the point in knowing the name. Roger. Or it's just a fun thing when you say "Oh hi, Roger!" and person says "I'm not Roger". Then you just explain Roger phenomena when you call forgotten names rogers.

How many rogers are in your surroundings? I've got plenty.
How many conversations with Rogers are finished and never will be developed again?

But if person seems to be worth remembering you better don't roger him twice.

Memory is like a small drawer where you cannot put everything and you have to sort things carefully. More crap you have in that drawer less space there is for precious things. Be aware! That's why the Roger phenomena appears. To ease up and brighten our lives with smile when you mix the name. It should be world wide known and accepted as a fun joke.

"Hey Roger!" should be answered with laugh "Yeah, I don't remember your name as well"...

Happy Rogering.

With love and lost of track mind,

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