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One foot outside

One of those moments when the blood is boiling making the snapping sound like you would pour water into the hot oil. One of those moments when the paint at home smells stronger than flowers. One of those moment when flowers fly straight to the bin. Time for something new.

So I enter the room and I say "I've been having some time to think. And I want to do something with that time. Instead of thinking". 

R. posted few minutes ago a pic with super formula, that everybody tries to explain but they go other way around. Motivating not showing facts. Formula is: "Talk - Action = Shit". 

Treat people like animals and they'll get it. You never say to a dog 'go bring me a newspaper and I'll give you a treat.' if it never did that before. you show it that. you give a treat. you train the dog. Train yourself. However after all is said and done more is said than done. 

Let's get active.

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