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Ronit Baranga's summer breeze

Alluring mornings, alluring nights. You can sense everything already. It feels like it is just a toe from you. Not even a full step.

The word Summer was used so much that it became shabby. Stripper's name, here she dances for you not seducing anymore albeit still with the intention to. Worn out and trashed in so many ways. Summer. And anyway, still with the same grace that it has been taught in the very beginning. Summer. However, you are waiting for it. Or just realizing that it will come as all the routine. Still it is a part of your full understanding of a world's system. When the soft perfume pervades the room. When the specific light beams. You can sense that it is so near, less than a foot step from you. She quits her shameless job and runs towards life to stumble on what can she do this summer.

The most beautiful with a reborn grace. Summer

And here is Ronit Baranga's alluring clay and porcelain sculptures. Perfectly elegant teacups trying to escape from you. Sneaking off the table on finger tips and giving you space to land softly on the table cloth, to rest your dizzy head soaked of late spring smells and enchantments. Your food plates waiting for the summer-like dinner, whispering spells with cherry-red lips. All this makes you create small world filled with drastic and magic stories. All this makes you feel like living in that world will be your task for the next summer. Check her work HERE

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