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Arian Behzadi

"Vakar devintame aukšte žmogus išėjo į balkoną parūkyti. Balkonas ėmė ir nukrito. Žmogus liko gyvas. Sakė mes rūkyti"
"Yesterday on the 9th floor man went to a balcony for a smoke. Balcony fell down. Man survived. He said he'll quit smoking"
-Simonas, January '12

My clothes, my face, my eyes fading in with the tint of my sofa. My blue soul and my blue mind is standing still and slowly becoming a swamp. The escape plan is ruined and concentration is still not my best friend. Don't be lazy, don't be scared, go for your goals. Don't be lazy, don't be scared. One month left. Less than a month. The fading is still continuing and my simple words and even simpler thoughts make me feel like a little stone in a shoe. Totally useless and even annoying. I can't lose a temper, I don't have one. Who decides what kind of mood you'll have today? Who? Show me the one. I need to have a talk.

Arian Behzadi is currently a Biological Science major with an emphasis in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior at UC Davis in California. Even though studying sciences he finds the relation between art and his studies. Quirky designed collages and photography is setting a subordinate feeling , balanced sense of taste.  For more - check Arian Behzadi's photostream .





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