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good girl/boy

Packed with a holiday mood from tips of my toes to my nose I've started writing this blog still sitting in Spain, Girona's airport and waiting for my flight back to Denmark. Week in Barcelona where temperature now exceeds the Danish summer and sky never runs out of blue. Week with maps and napkins full of notes and songs in a head in crowded streets. Place where you can sing out loud and nobody thinks that something is wrong with you. And even if there is something wrong with you, the smells of saffron, fresh fruit, and incense will get that out of you and dig it in a pit. You will never remember what was wrong.

Traveling without any plans and any details figured out is described in one simple expression "We'll see how it goes". And if there is nothing planned, nothing can go off the plan. So it goes well. Sooner or later there comes rescuers and helpers. Sooner or later. It is natural. People have the empathy, interest in other people. And more people are relaxed bigger that sympathy, empathy or interest is.

Every each of us have that invisible good job list. We are good human beings. We are good animals. It was tested with mice that even they have empathy feeling. We are no different. Just bigger and we are called sapiens.

Sometimes that sapiens is being killed by the tendency to be cold heart beast, pretending to be the hateful. The good job list still stays in you head and makes you to show your teeth when you do something good. Freaks your cold-heart beast out. But you can't do anything about it. You feel better.

People are scared to be nice. It is really primary self defense to be distant to people you don't know, because they might hurt you. From early childhood we were stuffed with mom's words "Don't talk to strangers", "Do not do that in public", "Don't look there" and so on. Now when we are a little bit bigger we are still scared to say "Hi" to stranger in a street, or share a smile.

But sometimes it happens very suddenly and you get the warm feeling. One more thing in your good job list. Check. You think that Santa Claus does not exist? You are the one. When you are filling that invisible list you get the idea that you deserve the present. You've been good.

But those who are naughty. However cruel you'd like to be to defend yourself, remember that sympathy and empathy are like those small particulars in your blood. You can't take it out, you can't stop their circulation, or even if that happens due to some reason, you might end up with a tumor.

Maybe totally hypnotized by the Spanish breeze, maybe surprised by the feeling when your gums dries out because you are widely smiling non stop, I feel and act euphoric. But that doesn't change the way the universe is constructed.

I took my trashes out and I let my seat next to the window in a plane for a grannie. My good job list is smiling too.

Biggest kisses and greatest wishes,

Matheus Lopes

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