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THE Explanation

Dramatic scenes caused by the human beings involved in the complicated actions of emotional euphoria raise during the period of fifth and sixth day of a week has to be explained in a greater detail to be not mistaken as a casual occurrence or a natural feature of a person.  To ensure the acquaintances and audience involved in the period of time of fifth and sixth day, that actions held during particular period was influenced by the stupidity and alcoholic beverages the explanation of a situation will be provided.

Extreme amount of drama that is collected and hosted in a storage room sometimes gives itself a right to appear in not exact appropriate moment and usually cause a slight change of consequences. Erotic dance moves on a steal surface of a student beer and saliva covered bar awoken by the primitive beat of a popular music might be perceived as an immature action or archaic seducing process. In these terms, alcohol, which is considered to be a fuel for the large quantity of stupidity and off-the-limit activities, could be stated as a reason for unsystematic. Stupidity has it's impact on a storage place where the hazard of drama is soiled. To keep the drama explosion neutralized new weapon of the ignorance was involved in a process. Unfortunately, this penetration of an ignorance was unsuccessful in a matter where unplanned mating actions took the lead.

Small injuries were healed by the blood of Christ and was mentioned in further days as well recognized as a symbol of approach of a foolishness during the fifth day of a week. The emotional load of love was inserted into skull via the hypnosis session held while person was unconscious due to the alcohol abuse. Repercussion of a session left an effect on a tested person and this particular person was considered to be delightful. For the record, person is still thankful for the supporters' installations of positive emotional input which is accompanied by the not defined feeling of a shame and a need to apologize spectators and participants of the drama controlling and stupidity release actions.

"Blame it on my libido" F.U.

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