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People Say #3 inner celebration

"Everyday is an occasion to celebrate... for History students" M.e.

Celebration. Does not matter is it with champagne showers, with candies, confetti, balloons, lovers, friends and millions of gifts. Does not matter if it is with a cup of tea and newspaper, music flowing out of the radio. Does not matter if it is "Hygge", "Fiesta", "Party" or "Šventė" in all languages you can be happy. And you deserve to be happy. I want you to be happy.

And for being happy you have to construct you world in simple blocks. Happiness should be the base of it. And if one brick falls out of your carefully build castle and your dream house is falling apart one moment you hit happiness base and then start building your shelter again.

The most important suggestion would be not to build a tower, because higher you go, more distant your happiness becomes. And falling out from tower is always more painful then from a swing.

So until you haven't your brain exploded all around fancy marble floor, think less and build your promising but not keeping it's promises life on your happiness. I'm with you. Doing the same.

Floating yellow leaves in the Scandinavian wind, water reflections, dark lights on the restaurant roofs, Godfather theme played by violinist everyday in the same spot the same time, loads of wine and warm looks, red cheeks and cold fingers, books and bags that are heavy to carry, wide smiles and stupid jokes- all in my construction work. French memories, melting in a mouth crepes, men with scratched, bleeding fists, rollerblading in empty narrow streets, white sand which looks like snow at night and dark ocean, which is calm and shining with small stars- all are my bricks. Hometown pleasures, night walks, people who know you for ages, songs that are written to be remembered after ages, i'll be gonne and i'll be back, x-mas trees and perfect boys in the 9th grade, the first love that appears in dreams to remind that you are doing something wrong with your life, friends with the worst habits and biggest dreams - all there- all in my happiness house.

I don't want a lot. I just want to share that, what I already have.

With love and I mean it,

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