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People Say #2 : Questions

"How much tea can you drink?" M.-flatmate

Hah, this is question that I am asking myself too. Now it is 2,5 hours that I am awake and I'm having my 5th cup of tea today. I am water disposal. Non stop tea drinker. Yesterday I sang aka cheerleader song "gimme a T, gimme an E, gimme an A, gimme TEA!" quite stupid, and quite annoying, well at least my flatmate thinks so.

I question my bladder to, but I'm not gonna elaborate on that.
I question my need for tea. Question every step of weird 'drama queens' emotion that rises in my subconscious. Question my abilities and sometimes under appreciate them. And I drink loads of tea no matter what.

Some people say questioning is a part of existence. You are alive until you wonder. I would also add wander. You are alive until you wonder and wander around the places searching for something new and questioning life.

"How much tea can you drink?" questions me my flatmate.

"I will never be able to answer it. One day I might just stop drinking tea. Start eating bananas that I hate so much or start jogging. Most probably that won't happen, but you never know"

There are no stupid questions in the world. There is just inappropriate attitude towards those questions.

Warm kisses from cold country,

Julianna Swaney

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