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Always on time or always prepared

Yup, I said, that I'm going to post this blog before midnight. And... accidentally deleted it.

And I was talking about preparation.
So there is a tribe in Indonesia New Guinea, which lives in trees. Tribe people builds their dwellings in rain forest up in the trees, sometimes higher than 30 meters above the ground. The reason they do that is not to be closer to the sky. Because sky is the limit. No. They are trying to be prepared. Avoiding the danger from bellow. I was thinking if they would actually be on time to get on the ground if tree would fall. Or if it would catch on fire. Or... other disaster would happen.

And by this time engine is supposed to start.

More important thing is in your life more time you need to prepare for it. 1 minute for launching the rocket to an open space, 10 seconds a bomb to explode, count till 10 before you go to seek your hidden friends, 3 seconds to  start a round on PlayStation.

Roisin Murphy 12 year ago sang "Time takes too much time".

Let's say, we spend an amount of time preparing plan B, C, D and ETC. And we need those just few times in our lives. And that most probably going to happen when you don't have any emergency plan.  What a surprise!

OK, prepared but now it is just too late.
OK, on time but you don't have anything to say or do, no plan and you feel rather uncomfortable.

What would you rather choose?

Be always on time or always prepared?

Tick tock
Love and peace,

photo: George Steinmetz

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