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I'm starting with questions again.
How many times you saw something you wouldn't like to see again?

I mean, something really disgusting or shocking, or unusual, or... something like "Twilight", no offense Robert Pattinson fans. Something that you would like to Unsee. Delete easily from your brain and never come back to that dark, humid and unsafe place.
The last time I was talking about the Undo button theory. Unsee is something very close to Undo. Just this thing closes your eyes, sometimes even pushes some memories really deep that you would need a very skilled psychologist to dig that shit out. Yeah, it causes big damage in your life. It is dangerous. But you are quite happy if you don't remember seeing it. You know why? I was thinking a bit about that, but I'm not sure...
Here you have a room which is empty. It is your memory. Before moving into the room you actually decide what you will bring, what you'll buy and how you'll furnish it. The same happens with your memory. You have high expectations, some creative fairy-tale going on and you always hope that it will become true. Here comes some electricity bills, the wind brakes your window,a neighbour floods you room, an other neighbour is always cooking an onion soup and your room just gets all that dirt from outside.. It's all going against the grain! Welcome to your memory.
Less expectations and less promisses to yourself - more strength you have. More you can accept as natural. More good memories you store.
Well, "Twilight" still sucks, but anyway...
I would never Unsee it. I can proudly present myself as a survivor.
Have you seen tv show called "An Idiot Abroad" I think the guy, who got all the best chances to travel and gain something valuable, didn't got any good memories due to large expectations and close-minded personality.
Don't do that mistake, open your eyes, expect less, feel more. Then you might have a good story to tell later on.

With all the greatest love for survivors,

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