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Darkside of procrastination.

How easily can you describe your procrastinating minutes? That easily: Shit.

Spent 3 days procrastinating and wishing for the best. Tried to do something good, but imaginary invisible success screwed everything over.
Read like 3 chapters of a book, which supposed to help in some way. And oh well. Most probably I should start listen to the book now. No wishes, no broken dishes. I think I already said that few months ago. Anyway...

Always pushing and pulling myself around something that "MUST BE DONE", and actually, I never recover after those stressful days.

Listen up. New rule of my life. Stop worrying, for gods sake. It ain't gonna work if you won't make it work.
So I put my shoes on and going to make things work.


Leave you with a song of a beautiful guitar and electronic combination by Nicolas Jaar and David Harrington from their collaborative "Darkside"- "Darkside EP"

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