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Lost and Found

From time to time things get lost in time and space.

Kids lose their gloves in playgrounds, forget their lunch in trash-bins, adults forget to send Christmas cards to their friends and parents or they get lost in post office madness, or at least adults use it as an excuse. Love letters get lost in "never been sent" spaces and people get lost in "I never got it" attitude.

Yesterday cycling back home I accidentally noticed a lost sock on a pavement. I wonder how people lose their socks. Well, you can forget your hat somewhere, you can lose your shoe, glove or wallet but HOW can you lose you sock. And especially in a wintertime?

Most probably the same as you lose you mind. However, mind is an abstract thing and apparently it is easier to lose it than a sock but nobody explains you how you lost it. It just happens. Oh well...

The important thing about losing is that it is lost until somebody finds it. Or you find out that thing is missing. But, when somebody finds it, it is whole new thing. It is found. And founders keepers. Mind usually is being found by somebody, who lost it. But what about socks? I don't think that anybody would take a sock from a pavement and keep it. So it goes that socks are always lost. Always lonely laying on the pavement.

The Christmas season is a season of being lost. Santa (or mommies and daddies) loses his presents when puts them under the Christmas tree. And until next morning, when kids find presents under the tree, they are lost. People getting lost in traffic jams and in Christmas shopping bags. Luggage is getting lost between flights and children's Christmas presents get lost somewhere in Mumbai.

Until it is find.

And sometimes sun shines above us and we find something worth finding. My ex-roommate already lost two wallets and backpack and I bet my pinky somebody who found them was pretty happy.

So don't cry when you lose it and don't laugh when you find it. You might lose it again.
Life is a bitch.
But make it be your bitch.

I'm not gonna keep that sock, but if somebody lost it the sock might still be next to Herning Centret.

With love and box of lost and founds,

1 comment:

  1. "my ex-roommate"...don't like the sound of that. what about changing it to "soon-to-be-roommate-again"? :D


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