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Wishes and dirty dishes

With every single autumn and its different colors, chilly weather, cold feet and warm cacao drinks comes the different imaginative fruit of creation- wishes. No wonder why people say "be careful what you wish" it might be poisonous. Wishes, actually, is damn dangerous thing. Once you wish it might become a cure or a dangerous fluid that would slowly drown you in a pond of pathetic pity if you won't fight with it.

If for some reason you wish for an easy life, don't be surprised when you end up living with your parents, getting easy assignments in your university and being all time jobless but with Xbox. No self development, no ambitions, no educational pressure, no challenges.

No challanges means no progress.

Else? What if you wish for love? And here it comes, full time attention, kisses, hugs and all the sweets. Some shiver and some anger from time to time. No interesting topics and no interesting activities. I pronounce your love -- dead. And here you stand with a greatest love, love which is reflected in Hollywood movies and praised in best sellers, love where you are an "angel" and your partner is "sweetheart". And here you stand with that love and wash your dirty dishes after delicious dinner with a bored face. Crap.  

I read somewhere "I blame movies and Disney for the wrong perception of a perfect love".  True. I enjoy all those romantic moments too. Flowers, candies and wine. Wow. But c'mon how long can that last?

I would have a pretty good wish. I  would wish for love which would come unexpected and never leave, which would offer a treat if you deserve it, which would be like a calendar with different motivation phrases every single day, which would give you a smile in a palm of a hand and say "put this one on. You look fabulous.", which would, actually, care about the moments and not a big idea, the one, which could go anywhere you feel like going, or would lead you there where you would never expect to appear. And I would enjoy this love because I've never seen this kind of love in Disney movies.

And if I could get this love I would never ever do the dishes when I don't feel like it. And I would explain "sorry it's a mess but I LIVE in there", and there would be more important things to do in my life than clean the house to impress my guests. I would make an excuse that we were making love all day and we had to learn how to play chess so the house is quite a mess.

My wishes would not be dirty dishes literally. Or even if it would be, it would be those dishes after the most delicious cake when you even lick the plate not to miss any piece of layer cream left on the plate. That would be a joy...

But I don't risk to make a wish. I know for sure - I'll get it one day

I only wish for a happy life for everybody who is dying in their trap-kind wishes which will never come true. And every of us will feel that agony in our lives. But some of us will recover really fast; some never will.

Be careful what you wish.

Best wishes

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