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"Being a blonde allows me sometimes to act like a blond. "- that is what I lately told my friend, who asked me for an advice about his future decision. I couldn't be sure about myself if I gave a right answer or not. Should I be sure?

I contemplated one thought that a person does not have to be witty, sarcastic, smart, intelligent, ambitious all the time. You need to have a motivation to be perfect.  Motivation is such a thing which appears and disappears. One day you can wake up already being sure that this day you will reach your peak and conquer the world, but next day you might wake up and fall asleep again. What does it depend on? 



the act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way
the state or condition of being motivated
something that motivates

Clearly, motivation can be an influence, a motive, a state or condition, and outside object or subject etc. It can be everything, but how? How for god's sake you decide that you want to be motivated? Or even how somebody else decides for you? Where do we get that feeling from? 

I was sitting for three hours on the couch and just thinking how could I answer these questions. Piece by piece I built a theory in my head that some task that you think should be important for you would lead you to the right acts. Long story short, it is all about the goal you set in your head. I set the goal to answer questions about the motivation, because lately I am so lost that I can't find anything that would motivate me even a bit.

A man from youtube video called "The most inspiring video you will ever watch!" decided that he will start jogging to get healthy, to fulfill his passion for the running and participate in the Boston's marathon, and to raise money for the ill kid which he truly cares about. Three essential bricks in his motivation temple. Well, I was little bit motivated by this man. That lasted for approximately 10 minutes. That is how long the most inspiring things last in my head. Most probably what motivates other people does not motivate me now. Is that bad?

Last week I asked one person what does motivate him to do stuff he is currently doing. He said that anger, other people, uncertainty leads him where he is going now. I asked him if the person, who finally was motivated enough to find his reason of living, is a person with no perspectives anymore? He said that it might be true, because that person will not search for the answer anymore and will not find other angles of his existence.

You are most probably thinking "why the hell she is talking about motivating and then how demotivated she is?". Haha, I asked the same question myself. And I have a pretty good answer. It is because I am still searching. And "being blonde allows me sometimes to act like a blonde".

Motivation will come one morning. And now I will live my life to it's fullest while searching for the right motivation and I'll enjoy those days when my brain takes a rest and does not create something wonderful. Blonde days*. At least until it feels good.

You don't have to be always perfect, with a goal and motivation in your head. You can also have a lazy, silly Thursday evening. 

Hugs and kisses 
Lazy blonde Ugne

*Usage of the word "blonde" does not have any purpose of insulting or offending, since I am blonde too. It works the same as the dark skin person would tell a "nigga" joke and would not be called racist.

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