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Magic circles and etc.

As for my new entrance in this atmosphere I should discuss something what could represent me as a different person and also represent my personality as a part of all human beings. Human being, which would be totally acceptable or even better than everybody. And here it is that magic circle where 'being somebody' kicks you so hard and forces you to be somebody better than anybody/everybody.

The first problem we are facing when we enter some kind of environment where we weren't noticed before or we didn't try to be noticed. What we try to do? Observe. Act natural in that environment. Do not shock people and agree with their ideas. We adapt.

We read what they want us to read, we listen what they want us to listen. I bet you've heard about hipsters and other subcultures. Anyway, one of my pal is trying to be a hipster.

He totally believes he is one. But the story starts when he opens some kind of hipster subculture magazine, goes to music recommendations or reviews page and tries to listen to music "proper hipsters" are offering him. If you had take a look at him at that moment when he gives a shot for indie-pop-rock-mess music you would have think that dude just drank a sip of bad milk. Some of magazine pages he can tolerate, but most of them is just ridiculous to him.

It takes him from 20 to 45 minutes to adapt to the environment he would like to be in. To listen that "crap". 20 to 45 minutes to become hipster, who's not a hipster.

The awesome part is that hipster subculture is all those youngsters who tried to be different. And now they all the same. The same happened with most probably all subcultures who were show offs.

I've been following quite few subcultures in my teenage years. I was bit of punk, bit of teenybopper, some hip-hopper and so on. But we all go into some depths. And at some point if you don't actually follow some subculture you still could be put in some particular list. We all adapt and attract attention. But this is all about searching for a special side of yours. The side which is all natural from A to Z.

Today I've decided to delete all the useless apps I had in Facebook. There was 267 apps that I allowed to use my data and I never used those apps twice. All quizzes, games, friend maps I made in 2009 was still in there. You know, how fun it is to see what did you do 2 years ago? Terrific. I had to delete apps like "What perfume are you?", "Which brain do you have?", "What country do you belong to?", and the best of all "How blonde are you?". I have to admit, I was pretty blonde if I took that quiz. But this is just a search for the right spot under the sun. Maybe in 2009 I believed that facebook might lead me to the right decisions. Maybe I belonged to hip-hoppers just to learn some of P.O.D lyrics and understand that life can be hard. Maybe that just showed me the way to be Ugne now.

I don't regret anything now.

I don't say that I am complete now. Oh hell no. It is such a big road in front of my eyes. I will get new perspectives of the world, I will get new ideas, new idols, new lovers to trust, new hobbies to work on, new friends to help for. I will be new and fresh once again. This is like Christmas every time different but similar at some point.

It is all about searching, depending on and being a rebel. Facebook app told me that I would like to live in Africa. Why not? Maybe next autumn I'll write you from sunny sandy beach, who knows.

One wise person told me: Do the right thing, kid. The one which is right for you.

I will.

With all the love
from punksterhipsterhiphopperglamrocker's Ugne heart.

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