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No Solutions? No Problem

Insomnia we could cure with pinch of lavender blossoms, little bit of pepper mint and/or passion flower.

Light the candle of lavenders and leave for the night. If you are paranoid. Don't be. Put the candle in the glass and sleep. If you are still paranoid. Don't be. Put the glass with a candle in it in the bowl of water. Sleep. If you still wake up in the middle of a night thinking if the candle burned through the glass, made all the water evaporate and got through the ceramic bowl and smolder your table or a window shelf. Then maybe something intense is melting you from inside. Rethink everything. Don't panic.

Small things in ones life usually bring not just happiness or simplicity, or fulfillment, or joy.
I never let myself truly believe that all the things are meant to happen, and all the people are worth to trust. But it is better when you do trust them.
Small things bring small scary animals who get into your guts and always remind you of all your unlucky days, of all your unfinished dreams you ever had, of all your tries and and and... lives of other people, who actually enjoy their freedom.

Oh I wish that all the problems which bothers me could just take a single drawer in a fantastic closet and hide in there. I wish that all the questions would have a specific herb to be solved with. I wish that witches would still live in tree houses in public parks. I wish I would stronger believe in faith. I wish my wishes would come true.
Few more dreams that would never come true if I will not do something about it.

If all the questions had a herb to be solved with all I need would be The Pocket Guide To Herbal Medicine.
If all my problems had been sorted into the small drawers all I need would be to do The Monthly Drawer Cleaning Day.
If witches still lived in tree houses in public parks all I would do would be taking pictures of their laundry and marmalade shelfs.
If I stronger believed in faith, most probably I would be smiling all the time and believe that everything will be fine. And everything would be fine.
If wishes come true. It would be true.

All I need is to prioritize and never never ever doubt about what I want. And I want simple to feel myself.
The Pocket Guide To Herbal Medicine might not help now but belief - would. There is no simple guide for the better eternal life. There shouldn't be. All you have to trust is in front of your eyes. Just give it a try.

With the greatest passion and pinch of lavender love,

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