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Tutorial: How to make things simple but not too simple?

Some of the people waste more than a half of their lives searching for the right balanced life when you can live simple but not to simple. When relationship with beloved ones are simple enough to enjoy it but not too simple to become boring. When going to work make people smile but not be over excited or other way around. When shopping for groceries makes you plan what you going to make for a dinner but not how much time you will spend on  making it. When being stressed is not an issue anymore.
That is simplicity of living.
That might be a joy or at some point desperate way to cope with inner rebellious child. The child who always wants to make things complicated. The child who tell you to change your facebook status into "being in relationship" (like that would matter at all) and then change it into "it's complicated" even though it shouldn't be.

Simplicity of life consist of very few things.

The first is "Care less but not careless". Most of the reasons which causes stress are actually unimportant issues such as procrastination, pointless paranoia, difficulty to make decisions or difficulty to decide which decision is right. Sometimes you feel that nobody is supporting you and decisions you made previously was an impact of somebody else. Stop. Dude or dudess, get back on track. Wrong decisions leads to you the right places or right thoughts. And vice versa. Care less. Think positive and do things that would keep your positivity in a high level. For gods sake, just do it. (and at this point I am not promoting Nike)

The second magic rule? There are NO RULES how to make life perfect. Remember that you are only one who is living your life, don't try to pretend to be somebody else, don't think that Merilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs or George Carlin were better than you. Try to be yourself doesn't matter how cheesy it sounds now. It works. You think some people just knows how to do things right? There is some magical personalities who actually are born to do some stuff and they know how to do it and they know that they will do that for the rest of their lives. But if you don't know it, it does not mean that you are useless. Oh believe me it doesn't. Albert Einstein said "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”Albert was pretty clever man, huh? But c'mon I heard something similar from the 8 year old girl. So what does that mean?

It means... It means that everything is simple but sometimes we are trying to push simple things in a fancy-shmansy golden frames and make it look like masterpiece of human mind. Bullshit. Or full of shit. Keep it simple. Marketing uses this one K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. Punctuation you decide by yourself, intonation too. My grandma always used to say that more you read more you understand that you can be wrong about things. Don't you remember those days when you were teenager and you were sure that you are right in every single topic you discuss. When you were shouting on your parents that they are stupid and they don't understand anything? Well, I wasn't that much of that kind of kid, but I also had my spikes. Please don't let yourself think that it is over, until you make those useless fights with your lover which shirt matches better or what kind of apples you should eat you still acting like that reckless kid. Boom! Keep it simple. Apple is just an apple. If you like blue shirt better than white, why not? Keep it simple. Better admit that you are stupid than fight about stupid things and pretend to be smart.

Simplicity of life comes one moment. Most probably you would not expect that, most probably you would let it go as it is and forget it. And then eternally fight for better. You know what is better. To keep it simple. I love going for a walk in the forest. I don't have forest next to me, but walking still makes me happy, guess what I do? I walk in streets. My cousin instead of growing an orchid planted a hemp. Still better than nothing, even though she had no intentions of using it as a drug or something. I have basil plant instead of that. It is green and makes me take care of it and that is simple and makes me happy.

Simplicity is happiness. And we love simple people or at least natural inside.

And it is not a tutorial. I tricked you. It might be googled more. Well done, Ugne, well done.

Best Regards.

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