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MOVE out/in/on

This time I'm gonna be short and explicit.

About the "stuff" which surrounds me. Hmm. Firstly, shitloads of boxes. Why I think about it? Well, I have to move out in 10-15 days. Move out for couple of months and the move out again, to live there half a year and then move out. How many times person has to move out to find his own place? I mean not just move out/in, but also move on.

Don't collect stuff that you CAN live WITHOUT. Collect memories. MOVE. Dream, create, act, react.

If you actually face the same problem, that me and one of my friend, who recently moved to CPH faces- the lack of things to do, loads of time to spare, lack of people to talk to, loads of people to party with and whatever you do - you feel useless and guilty being useless.


Find a hobby. Go for a jog. Paint a realistic bubble. Whatever. And don't collect all the materialistic things that pleasure you, it might bury you under the shitloads of boxes when you have to move out. When you want to move out but you can not, because your big plasma TV stops you, you don't wanna throw it out, you don't wanna sell it. You love it. You don't watch TV, anyway.


Notice things, remember, do not want to have everything by your side.  You will not need a TV in Brasilian resort while surfing. F it.


Do what you want, stop whining, nobody stops you, just you.
And send me a card from wherever you are.

With great love and movement,

lately "telling-too-much-what-to-do"

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