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Prada Candy: more like an eyecandy

And she walks just like a marshmallow melts in your mouth. Cursed by doubts and absolutely resisting to chose. "You have to look at your best" tells her horoscope and she closes down the book, flips it vertically then horizontally and leaves it on the edge of a table. She is sure for the one thing: somebody will touch it and it will fall, and then she'll be able to shout out her temper that's been sitting in her for the past few weeks. She resist to drink wine and writes down her allure thoughts, nobody has to know that. She is weak at keeping her own secrets, she's better at others. She hides her books and forgets where did she hide them. And then simply pretends that nothing really matters. She is waiting for a call, but calls first. She likes writing mail to herself. And more she sits in front of the sun - wider her smile gets. She bounces not walks. She runs out of ideas the minute she gets excited about her ideas. And slightly blushing she says "Ouhh.." She loves touching bodies and making people feel uncomfortable. Reviewing this habit sometime after, she feels uncomfortable herself. She smiles, she smiles and she smiles. She wants flowers, but gets a glass of beer. She doesn't want anything and gets what she would want. Surprise! She is scared to be happy due not to spook happiness away. She's afraid to share happiness, but does that anyway, because when wine flows her secrets flow as well. It doesn't take long and she creates new secrets. Because when she walks marshmallows melt in your mouth.

"Julius has the brains of a scientist, but the intelligence of a gorilla. Gene, of course, is every girl's dream, but a woman's nightmare" complains Léa Seydoux in the new Prada commercial for the Candy L'Eau. New Roman Coppola's and Wes Anderson's collaboration for a short movie for Italian fashion house. Very French and very stubborn, very light and highlighted with Jacques Dutronc musical point. Something that has a power to get you running down the street with no actual reason. Maybe to get that Candy. Candy - the one that got away.


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