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Keep on drooling

With the second batch of snowy dough, spring is trying to get to our souls and kill gently hypnotizing and freezing. However, not everybody is willing to give up and doesn't matter how loud I would scream "There is no point!", I'll still manage to find teeny tiny point in actual moving forward.

Four months or even five months of winter is just trying to scare the shit out and getting boring as constantly repeated phrase "the winter is coming" in game of thrones. Advice: Nevertheless, instead of giving up on a minor mistake or obstactle continue training your strength. Wax your shoes that they wouldn't get soaked, wear your mittens, read books or at least read your labels, feed your ego. 

As talking about emotional harmonization and feeding ego. If sexual treatment is hiding deep under snow piles there is old good women beloved way to the fulfillment. Ice cream. I'm not a big fan of ice cream, though, I am a big fan of Mr. Boonstra's, Wyne Veen's and Zack McDonald's baked advertising campaign for Frozen Dutch.

Dripping, melting and vividly exposed. Unusual assortment of visual and textual quality resemblance of the guilty pleasures. And the lack of romance and hot air whispers are being changed by admiration towards subtle and tasty advertising. I think it is flirting with me.


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