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Duct Tape

If you ever wondered about inflatable welfare/health-happiness-fortune, yes, it is inflammable as well. You blow it with a great passion and hopes but more oxygen it gets faster it burns and melts down. Really easy to understand. Pretty impossible to avoid though. Living life with no peaks and no downers most probably is a deadly pleasure. As well as smoking is. That never ending story. One minute you get what you want and it ends up being a piece of coal. Health-happiness-fortune burned down leaving you with the memory how perfect it was while you were inflating it. Well, checking the pressure might be not a bad idea. Pump your tires if they're flat, get your ass if it is stuck between stones. And try to last as long as you can. With a consideration. I'm actually done. Though I'll be here for a while.
Gonna listen the same song (that I am ashamed of listening) for couple more hours.

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