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Nothing is nothing

 A face lost somewhere in big raincoat pockets full of keys, candies, breaking melodies and coins. Nothing really valuable. Nothing really important. Few more books in a library but nothing special in particular. Nothing more than a numb hand on which I've been sitting for a while. Nothing more than 136 pages that I've read today. Nothing more than 7 episodes watched. Nothing is nothing. And yes, never say never. I think I've finally got rested from being restless. Exact monotonous feeling as that rain in the mountains. And still can't stop enjoying it. Can't stop thinking that "this is it".  Little bit unsocial, but nothing is nothing. 136 pages. Or maybe more. Calming down. The same as the rain in the mountains. The same as the eyes closing. The same as finding keys or a spare coin in a big raincoat pockets. 

Nothing is nothing...

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