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About the dancing pies

"Your freshly baked pie will cool down faster if you let it do a little dance"
Marc Johns

Freshly baked apple pie asked me if it can dance for a bit just to cool off. You know what I mean. Walk it out. Strange form of self disappointment expresses itself through my baking habits.
Today one book about the popular band in 70s has to be killed. 100 pages left. 99 pages left. 98 pages left.
While my pie is dancing and the girl in my computer is singing "I am tired and I'm blue" I am killing the book and dreaming about running down the hill. Jumping over the mole built bumps and rolling down the yellow grass all covered in smell of summer evening. Collecting my hats, glasses, best wishes, good memories, smile and other accessories, putting them into my pockets, on my head. Putting the crown of joy and elegantly flowing over the fields to the forest where my pie is still dancing and smiling. And all those pretty dreams came true. Or not. Or started dreaming by themselves. Dreams have to dream too, otherwise, nothing would be true. No. I don't talk to my pie. I talk to myself and actually... nah, doesn't matter. 97 pages left

The dance of a pie is truly filling me with a sensual feeling. The tasty smell.
take care

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