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Sunday's warm up

Sundays apparently weren't chosen for a church day without a reason.

Sundays are built to rethink and recover. To get over the moral hangover and Friday's sins, or to understand that last week you actually didn't do anything beneficial. To count the days until something, to make a new work calendar and to write apology mails to relatives. To wash clothes and vacuum the floors. 

Sunday was chosen as a spirit's cleaning day.
Sunday was chosen.

Your souls is too cold and too dirty to be cleaned on one Sunday. 

I believe that hard work will bring you happiness. I believe that concentration is most valuable present person can get. I believe that we could judge the wealth by how much time you can be productive and active.

I think my soul is warming up.

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  1. sekmadienis - isiplauti plaukam ir galvai.


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