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Random is random


I think this is one of my favourite things in the world.

Randomness. In the universe where human beings are trying to put everything in places, put the numbers and names on to things, trying to recognize feelings and draw the future picture, randomness is like a vacation from ordinary. The big pool of golden fishes, which, actually, are golden and you, actually, can catch them. Randomness is random. And obvious is obvious as awesome is awesome.

Randomly waking up at 4:30 in the morning, getting random email with a nice song suggestion, reading a random chapter of a random book. That's how my morning started. It feels like I still have all my life to live today and I am already awake. I am earlier than a day. And earlier than the most of my neighbours. I was so close to put my music as loud as I can, but then I though that I would hate my neighbours if they would do that to me. Better keep the peace hanging around us like a mistletoe on Xmas. Random.

It looks like lately everything is random. The guy, who stole cleaning machine from the university's party. The confetti colourful university floor, which makes me quite happy. It looks like it is shouting "Share the rainbow. Feel the rainbow" and could be easily used for Skittles adv. Like the long conversation how dolphins are worse then spiders. Random arguments and random answers. People telling you where they bought their shirts. Random.

It always makes me smile that even my jaw hurts sometimes. Things that you can not explain but they make you feel unusually entertained. I am involved in a project called post-crossing where you get random address and you send a postcard to that person. Randomly I got to send a postcard to a parrot. To the bird!

Random things don't let you to expect something. And unexpected is pretty damn nice.

All situations are win-win if you don't ask for something.

It's the first day of spring, now it is almost 7 in the morning in my player randomly The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl was shuffled. I'm gonna finish my coffee and most probably to do something random. Write a letter to a parrot, who likes cheap whiskey. Randooom...

Life is a box candy.. Yeah yeah, Forrest, you also liked randomness.

With kisses and randomly chosen words of love,

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