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Nom Nom

Welcome to the easy tutorial how to feed your ego.

I got this advice from my friend and I gave this advice to other friend it has to be passed on as long as it is possible. The cold Danish wind is trying to blow your brain out of your skull and you cry cycling back home because of the rain poking your eyes. It is not really romantic, not romantic at all. This country is not designed "to cry in the rain". So far I think this country or at least Herning is not created for romantic at all, but all of that is just my hunger for some romance and warmth and judgmental, sour envy talking. So when these terrible things are actually trying your patience and even your strength (and I'm not kidding, my ass muscles are aching so badly that I can barely sit, but I like it), and you feel little bit sad and a lot unstable, only one thing to do is to feed your ego.

Well, let say, I give you an example from a real life. There is a woman, who is teaching female class of 15-20 women dance Solo latino. That means dance those passionate dances such as Rumba, Samba and so on. The same woman also teaches other class- classic dances: Waltz, Quickstep, Tango. This class consist of couples, who came to learn how to dance. And they are damn good. Dancing, swinging around, laughing and enjoying themselves. Meanwhile, huge women class consisting of 20 members, latino dancers are giving up, feeling not worthless, useless and not beautiful. And if woman feels ugly, god bless her and her environment.
Right. So... Feeding ego. One day a couple of dance students came to the latino class and brought a jolly mood with them, talked to women, they started laughing, they started dancing and actually learned some new seducing moves. Massive depression was stopped immediately. Next week two of them were in classic dance class with a couple. Latino class got more student dancers and more women also. Cheerful mood was vibrating in a whole dance school.

Ego was happy, full and fell asleep in peace.

Get out of your shell, I think, it does not matter how things are going, because if they are going bad that is just your ego's stomach playing with you, feed it with a good energy and thought that you can survive no matter what it will be.

I don't know how men feed their ego's but I have a thought. Anyway.
Everybody has to be full to be happy. Just don't eat to much, it might affect your physical and psychological state. And we don't want that.

Bon appetit, my lovely hungry ego owners.
Kisses and taps on shoulders,

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