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So I am packing my lugage once again...

This time coming back to Herning. Not escaping, not searching excuses to stay somewhere nice in France resorts, not regreting, not missing anything, just coming back where my current life is going on.

I spent one month on a vacation in my home country and people were asking what I am planning to do when I graduate. I do have excuses and fake plans prepared for these questions. "To not have a plan is a big mistake." That's what people say... Bizarre. Sincerely, I don't know. And for now on I just enjoy searching for a thing that I would like to do.

Have you ever tried to find something that you need in encyclopedia? Or you've been those cybernautic kids, whom always used Google for answers. Both ways, sometimes you get interesting information not directly related to the thing you are searching. You read it all, you analyse it and you start thinking about it. Totally forgeting what you were searching for.

If you ever felt that way, you most probably understand me.

And if somebody would have asked me what I'm doing, I would find some explanation or excuse for it. You know what? There is no need for excuses. You are on your way. That should be an excuse for yourself. DOT

I don't know where I am going, I know that I am coming back to Herning. Reading brain-washiac books and trying to get to know Dalai Lama closer. I don't think I like it a lot, but sound of "OOOOM" helps me to cut out some time that I would waste watching 7 kinds of tv shows and unnaturally gain some peace and love.

Some tips and tricks that take like 3 or 4 pages of my notebook I can share with you: visualise positive and think that everything what goes off the plan is just a part of an other plan. Plans are made to fall apart. And it is not a mistake to not have a plan.

OOOM-If you like it - you are going the right way. That's what I say!

With Peace and Love,

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