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Mix of the Day #2

And so another passion of mine. Rock. Few days ago I was just talking to my friend about this kind of music. I swear sometimes you cannot  find anything better to relax you than The black Keys or Kings of Leon. But wait a minute...

Radio Moscow- 250 Miles

Radio Moscow - City Lights

Radio Moscow is more psychedelic rock than blues rock still very acceptable to raise mood or get some space to think. This American band was formed in 2003 in Iowa. But really Radio Moscow reminds some of the 70's blues rock bands by spreading "the good vibe" and praying for broken strings. Makes to close my painful eyes and catch the signal with oldstyle transmitters.

The Heavy- How Do You Like Me Now?

The Heavy - Sixteen

O.K. The Heavy is making me want seduce somebody. Evil sexy tunes. Deep voice. Rhythms. All good. The Heavy is English band playing with James Brown type of vocals and playing it right. Even though not all songs have a consistent style it still drives me crazy.

Left Lane Cruiser- Hillgrass Bluebilly

Left Lane Cruiser - Big Momma

Bring yo' ass to the table, cuz Left Lane Cruiser says so. And bring it as fast as you can. Those guys from states are not kidding, Mississippi influenced country blues rock. Well, I'm on my way to investigate more about 'em.

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