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Elliott Erwitt

Have you noticed lately that you detect less and less good moments in your life?

I don't want to sound suicidal, I don't want to make you think that you are missing something or somebody, I don't want you to think at all. I want you to pay attention to your "pathetic or not doesn't matter" life. I want you to pay attention on the steps you are taking, not on the map you have in your hands. I want you to enjoy the trip not to think about the hotel after a flight. I want you to reach and not to get it on the silver platter. I want you to keep your luggage packed, I want you to be prepared. I want you to show me the places you walked through and the people you met for a short time, I want you to tell stories about your hiking injuries and blisters you got, strenght you gained on the way and not about the rest you had in the end. I don't want hangover stories, I want you to remember things you did last night. I want you to remember the first word you said to me. First compliment, first kiss, first smile. First whatever. 

Those moments, even though, sounds extremely cheesy and cheap are only ones we forget. You think it is not important. Isn't it? You think those people I met is just for short time. Emotion is for short time. Places changes. Opinion changes. 
It stays. Only one thing changes is your goal. And it keeps on changing every single step you go. I want you to remember your trip, not the task. I want you..

It doesn't matter what I want. I always want to much. And I never do enough to get it.
Or too much. 

Less expectations- more observations. That should be usefull now.

Anyway, this post should be about the person who detected those moments on his way and locked it to stay in a motion for ages. Photographer ELLIOTT ERWITT. This remarkable man with russian roots borned in Paris and became a refugee when he was only 10 year -old. 84 he still has the irony and  absurd, that made his photographs famous all around the world. The person who said that Brasil is really nice and colourful place to make photos, even though, all his photos are black and white. He observed everything what happen in the moment. He was on his way to the bull's eye, but the distance till the target was more important then the target itself. 

It doesn't matter how you see it now from your start perspective.
It matters how does the perception change on the way and if you can remember it changing. Can you remember how your mom, dad, grandma' or other beloved person looked half a year ago? Can you tell the difference? Do you remember?

I want you to want to remember.
Here is some of Elliot Erwitt masterpieces and his presentation from e.g. conference.

With a great love and passion for life.

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