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Water and nudity. Ana Teresa Fernandez

Washed out and relieved//
I think the first sign of autumn is rain
the first sign of rain is clouds
the first sign of clouds is dusk
the first association of dusk is naked bodies

Reading the last chapter of The Philosophy of Everyday Life.
Doing the productivity and procrastination fights.
And educating myself while exploring depths of internet.

Today I have some awesome oil paintings to share.

Ana Teresa Fernandez, Mexican-born painter has an amazing ability to catch every shade on every curve of woman body and express it on canvas. I call it seductive realism.

Why does she choose to paint woman and water? Few reasons that I can come up with now are that water is as mystic as woman; it is never stable; it comforts your body as gentle movements of your lady; refreshes you...

You can check her art pieces in her webpage

would like to see those paintings live.

and one song for the relieving evening 

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