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Mix of the Day

Todays mix 
was made by Stéphane Pompougnac and released back in 2007 in an album called "Hotel Costes Vol. 10". 

About Hotel Costes I can tell you just few things. First, it is one fancy Parisian hotel/café/restaurant, with a constant residend DJ Stéphane Pompougnac. Second, it is the number of music compilations which makes my body shiver everytime I listen to it since 2004. 

I clearly remember when first time I found this album in my moms workshop. Well, firstly I listen to it, but it wasn't something special some latino, some downtempo, back in those days I was so into Marilyn Manson, that it didn't impress me at all. Few days after I decided to listen to it again. and then again.. and again.. It became a little addiction of mine.

I think one of the reason why I love hotels now was Hotel Costes cristal clear music rythms which reminds me soft beds with all the white linen and sheets, with white robes, with nice views outside the window, with everyday luxurious order and with simple things that makes you live in space where you have everything enough and nothing too much.

Hotel Costes just led me to the love for simplicity.

Light sounds of it keeps on seducing me. Could lay in a white bed somewhere in Brasil and listen to the sounds of occean and few favourite songs from this album.

Zimpala- Adios

Angus and Julia Stone -Paper Aeroplanes

 Peder (feat. Anne Trolle) - White Lilies

   White Lillies Feat. Ane Trolle by lizardshakedown

Have a nice relaxing evening, better with tea and buns.

au revoir les enfants

Kent Williams

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