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Oh my Oh my

My blog design sucks!
True, not a lot a lot but it does suck.
And about Design.

i've just read a post about Dribble in a publishing company's Squarespace blog. They found three new designers for their company just searchin' in Dribble. As Dribble says it is sometimes called "Twitter for creatives". All kind of designers share their work, sketches and ideas in this website and actually gets an opportunity to be noticed.

next thing about design|designers|designing is Designer Mix. One more share site. But this time designers share 'mixtapes' of music. Inspirational music. So while you are checking the work they made in dribble, flickr, at last twitter post, you can listen to the music they listen while they are creating something.

i already have my favourites and btw working on a poster like a week now. i need some pills to get the laziness out of my body. i would like just to sit and daydream all the day

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