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Soft Parade

Raining as hard as it would be the last day for sky to empty itself. 

Few days ago I spent 10 hours listening The Doors and working. Actually exhausting. Jim Morrison was pretty exhausting personality, that one who could empty you without any rainy days. anything. just listen. 

Here's one of my favorite songs of The Doors "The Soft parade".
"The Soft Parade" is the fourth album of The Doors, released in 1969, year of the Woodstock. Which was rainy and muddy too. 

Due to Jim Morrison's increasing alcoholism and interest in poetry, guitarist Robby Krieger has a stronger presence on The Soft Parade than on any other Doors album from the Morrison era, contributing around half the material, instead of merely a song or two as he had on previous efforts.

Four of the eight songs in this album is by Krieger, one of the best known is "Touch me". Jim got way too much attention, while the guitarist Krieger was creating singles. Anyway, this dude, had a little bit violent attitude and even encouraged people to fight, while all the rest of the world was listening The Doors of Jimmy Hendrix and shouting "Love and Peace". Krieger told "Better bring your guns".

After this one album their music became simpler.

World also. 

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