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The Black Keys

Finished and formatted as it should be Autumn. And here comes two guys with an amazing rhythm and sweet voice and inspirations.

The Black Keys. I feel like really fallin' for them. Back to my teenage years when all the cutest  musicians were worth being in my dreams. Here they are. Beer bellies, beards and greasy hair. However, for me it is enough now just sit on the couch and listen 'em all the day. 

Blues-rock band from deep down the Akron, Ohio underground crawling almost 10 years out of there. Father issue gave 'em a name, Mr. Auerbach called people "black keys" as an insult. 8 albums in 10 years, they don't waste any time. Minimal amount of bad critics, well maybe the similarity with the White Stripes,  but anyways, TBLACKK is sweeter and easier to listen. Autumn songs I said. 

sexual healing and BLACK tea/honey. 

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