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Flaws and jaws

Actually it has been hard to put words in places but easy to make meaningless sentences.

A construction worker with no attested experience pouring grout in nano-scale cracks - trying to fix you. Trying to vanish old paint from facade. Trying to. To try. Physically exhausted and spiritually drained to the last drop - gained a spacious gap between tiles, which is filled with that admiration leftover that is leaking and soaking into passengers', strangers', buddies' bodies. Ripped up by the winds and blurred out from the blinding rays - it was tricked into the innocent white appearance. 

Relaxed muscles after the hopeless work, and an assured thought "I am just an insecure mess", in doubt to make any step that would lead further from the wretched remains of the previous temples. As someone said, you'll have to sweep all the dust and debris away to start putting up new things in a place instead. You're allowed to make mistakes, you are allowed to try to fix you, in case that doesn't happen I'll help to take care of wreckage. 

The cleaning period will be over soon. The construction will be put away for a while. Until the spring comes, now the facade and interior as well as exterior are being prepared for the snowy storms and frosty evenings. 
I'll be there. 
Getting cozy under my blankets and you are more than welcome stop by. 
To have a conversation, mhm, meaningful, mhm, with words in places.

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