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Politics messed up my head

Politics messed up my head. Three hours of reading articles on liberal, social democratic, conservative and etc parties just messed up my head. Not that it was ok before, but now it is even worse. And all that just because there is a feeling in me that "yay, we can change all that crap!". So yeah, maybe we can, maybe we can not, giving a try is not the worst thing to do as I noticed recently. Everything is worth a shot, and I give those shots from time to time. So far with minor pains and urges I survived and by this moment I am pretty happy. I don't know why, maybe because everything is changing, maybe because short and negative truth is better than long and unclear uncertainty. Maybe because everything is worth a shot. All those stupid actions I made, or all those silly words I said. Some of it truth, some of it not. But worth a shot. Till a certain zone.

All those politics messed up my head and I hope one day this mess will be cleared out and dots will be put on "i". And this time we will raise our glasses for a better future. Or we will be at least on our way to the better future. And then you'll say thanks to me because I got messed up by politics now.

I drink my tea with milk and I brush my hair 100 times every evening. 

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