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Coward. Almost a week when I am back into the place where I have to make an effort to actually have something and all I did so far is couple of great dinners and a spice storing jar. You could be brilliant but you are a coward. Not counting that I can hardly concentrate onto my goals because of the blurry vision and pulsing because of fever forehead. Coward. However it would be, things got to get moving, and if my or your ass is stuck between the idleness' stones then no movement is predicted for neither of us.
First of all, coping with a leaking nose and annoying coughing and at the same time the mess in my home I'll try to build myself several stages for achievement. And giving up is not a choice. Otherwise... Coward. And when all the stress and irritation reaches my fragile self-control then there are just few ways to fix it. 
And again not knowing where you are going is not the reason to stop. Coward.

Mood:white, changing my sheets, changing my activities. 

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