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Un/Im portance

I've spend 10 minutes setting the right light on a computer that I could write. Then got two cups of coffee. Then adjusted my sitting angle. Then revised my thoughts. Then turned off all the social media distractions. Then turned them on again. Then got stressed and then managed my stress playing NFS. Then got some water. Then opened document and wrote one sentence. Then deleted it.

All the necessary preparation didn't prepared me to be productive. It prepared me to procrastinate. And the workflow went like this "You have to do this now!----> NO".
How important is the atmosphere? How important is to get the right setting of pencils?

Usually we overrate details. We imagine that small principles and details are the base of our lives and if it goes wrong or fall apart we blame on those small things. Overrate their importance. Overrate everything. Usually I am a pro at overrating, over-thinking and all other things that does not fit in a frame. It has to go over, above and fall out. The importance is the main thing which stifles. Nothing is important if it makes you feel bad. And the importance management should be the first course in the anger management classes. Well, maybe it is. I've never signed up for one. I was too angry.

Once again I am asking you a silly question. Have you ever thought that things that you trust on and believe in is important? Have you ever thought that they are not that important as you think?

I bet you didn't. Human mind is constructed in the way that a person is always sure that he/she's right. And smart person knows that he/she doesn't know nothing at all. Line from some kind of a song but a complete truth. Yes, we fight every single day to be the right one. Yes, we want to convince people that our perception of the world is the correct one. And most important. Ever.

It is not. Or maybe it is, I still didn't decided. I don't know. Only one thing I know is that we should relax and take a second look at things that are happening judging their importance.

Is it important or is it unimportant? Imagine yourself in the deserted island where you don't have your precious things. Where the nature is right and you are wrong. Where local tribe members are right and you are not. Where you don't have an opinion because nobody cares. Would you survive?

Be survivors, try to survive without unnecessary shit.

With a big box of necessary kisses,

Antti Laitinen

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