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Oh Monday

Slightly tripping on coffee and insomnia, and driven by the mofo procrastination my day flows totally useless, totally pathetic. Eyes look pretty happy, brain-pain still doesn't want to leave my poor skull. Anyway, anyhow, setting the limits in my life was never an easy task. Delimitation writing is even harder. Now when I know that I have to do that and I don't have any other choice I still postpone every single minute just to expand that limit. Looks like always I try to drain every single drop of time that I could waste doing nothing. Looks like I still include "I" in every single sentence. Looks like. Looks like nap time would be a saver of a day. Looks like that I have a meeting in 30 and I am not prepared. Filled with randomness. Filled with procrastination. Filled with coffee. Filled with confusion and disappointment. Nah not really, just procrastination. I'm happy in overall.


and the song to make stress be even harder and it might push me to start working

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