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Fab Ciraolo "You've just been hipstered"

If Jesus would prefer wearing sneakers instead of his sandals, if his white canvas toga would be adapted to use in these days, that means it'd go with a print "fuck me I'm famous", or if he instead of carpenters profession would be "community manager". YOU'VE JUST BEEN HIPSTERED!

And that was done by digital artist that I accidentally found on Pinterest. Fab Ciraolo.

Merilyn Monroe, I bet I saw somewhere that outfit, you most prob would pay a bunch of money that you've earned making home made soap and being dickster. Isn't it nice? Vintage, tattoos and piercings, rainbow blah colour hair and cosmos behind.

This artist is damn good, at some point I just think what if all those celebrities, who were something!, would start act as everybody else. All the subculture things would disappear. All the same. All the same. And finally! no inspiration.

Check Fab's blog

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