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Mix of the day#5 sounds and colours

With stigmatic eye opening last week's occurrences pass slowly and quite drastically leaving me standing with not much of an explanation, nor support, nor preparation.
And well, I am letting suppressed breath in the depth of my lungs to escape making dull sound. Sound like the empty trunk would have a ghost inside, who would be fighting with the emergency kit or tire. Bitting, hitting, screaming in tears and then kissing after. Colouring inside and out kraplak-red.

Bleeping noise of things going on around me and... and nothing that would attract/distract my attention. Scaling the amount of thoughts that I've put in my small head and things that i rolled over my heart. They do not weight as much as the wind anymore and it's time to get rid of that unnecessary ballast.

This evening is all for Fink. Lush vocal of Fin Greenall, English musician, in his life music was natural thing while growing in his house. In my house art was natural. And even though I forgot arts and I forgot my skills, I forgot what feelings it caused, I forgot how often I used to cool down while reading biographies of artists, I still have oil-paint running my veins.

Fink - See It All (Emika remix)

Fink- Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us

 Fink- All Cried Out

Anna Shelton photography


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